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thou art mine;
that we may merge in God ...

From the SRF Wedding Vows

An SRF Wedding

I was married at the Phoenix Temple of the Self-Realization Fellowship church. The service was conducted by Brother Sadananda. We invited parents and friends to attend. Our relationship started as friendship, but from early on it was evident that we were going to become close. Through the years we have shared joys and sorrows, and we have been tested on many levels. With self-effort and divine aid, we have met the challenges.

SRF Wedding Vows

Here are the SRF wedding vows. These were published at the end of the original Whispers from Eternity (by Paramahansa Yogananda). They are quite beautiful.


I am thine; thou art mine; that we may merge in God.

Body, mind, and soul we cast into the flame of love, to be purified into cosmic love for all mankind.

We are united by Spirit first; and by emotional liking, intellectual affinity, and physical attraction secondarily.

We will merge our desires for the highest common good.

We will cooperate with each other, that we may harmonize with the laws of truth.

We will love each other unconditionally.

Through our love, we will forgive each other always.

Even death shall not sever the bond of friendship which, through marriage, we establish in God.

We will be loyal to each other, to demonstrate our capacity for divine loyalty.

May we care for each other unselfishly, ever-increasingly, until our love becomes the love of God.

We are united to fulfill the law of creation, and, through mutual love, to find the infinite divine love.

We aspire to bring souls on earth to worship God in new-born forms.

May our children serve as spiritual ushers to bring other souls back from delusion's home into the eternal freedom in God.

May our souls join the One Spirit of God.

Wedding Pictures

These pictures were originally taken with slide film, and the reprints are not very good. It was a bright January day at 3:00 in the afternoon.

  Wedding day with Brother Sadananda, Greg and Jacque
  Another view, Greg, Jacque and Brother Sadananda