SRF Guru Screensaver

On this page you will find The GuruCube Screensaver, based on the freeware 'XaraCube' screensaver. I have added the pictures of the SRF Gurus and packaged it into a setup file for easy installation. If you wish, you can download the screensaver and the images of the Gurus separately and install them yourself. It may be freely distributed. Enjoy!

Guru Screensaver Package

  1. Guru Screensaver self-contained setup program
    During the installation, the XaraCube installer will start. After installing XaraCube, the 'Display Properties' window will open. Close this window without making any changes.

Guru Screensaver - Separate parts

Run the self-extracting archive of the Guru images first. Next install the XaraCube screensaver. When the 'Display Properties' window comes up, configure the XaraCube screensaver to use the Guru images. It is recommended that the screensaver and Guru images be installed to the default folder.
  1. Self-extracting archive of the Gurus images
  2. XaraCube version 3.0